Monday, June 15, 2009

Years later

It's been 3 years since I last updated this blog, and with what has been going on in Zimbabwe, that much silence might mean the dude's no more. But no, I'm alive, I've survived the worst Zimbabwe ever, and I'm still here with the scars to prove it. The last time I was here, bread was like what? $100,000.00? And I thought that was bad!

After a while it got to a point where complaining about life in Zimbabwe stopped making sense. I watched forex dealers moving into flats and houses, and pushing cars I could not afford with my 17 years of education topped by a bunch of professional qualifications. I watched illegal diamond dealers spending US dollars like they were being printed at Fidelity Printers (where our dear Governor used to print our beloved Zim Dollars). At some point I had like 10 Quintillion dollars in each of my various bank accounts, for it was now necessary to have an account with every bank, and whatever did I get with all that dough? Those were the days of the 'burning phenomenon' where the bankers (well, not bankers really, but people who worked in banks) had their turn to make money. Then came the profiteering bunch, who would cross into SA, buy packs of beer, drinks, e.t.c for something like US $4 or less a piece and came and sold them to the bankers, diamond dealers, and the forex dealers for amounts not less than US $15.

I started feeling like a spectator, me and the other bunch who kept on trying to live life by honest traditional means, as if the environment was treating us honestly. Of course it wasn't, but what else could we do, by the time I got to know about diamonds in Chiyadzwa, the army was already moving in to break legs of those caught 'stealing', and when I started understanding how the burning thing was working, Gono stopped transfers, so stuff kept happening around me, leaving me out to continue suffering, and you think I'd have found time to blog!

So anyways, why do I talk like it's the past? Is Zimbabwe healed? No. Far from it. But I don't see that many forex dealers anymore, except a few who are always calling out "ma cross rates ne ma good rates", Chiyadzwa is down to trickling few, and honestly, there are now much fewer ways of living by dishonest means. We are past the period of taking advantage of loop holes in the system to reap where you never sowed, at least not for the ordinary masses. Because people are still taking advantage of others, like I don't know why everyone fixes the USD to 1:10 to the Rand, but it's not the same madness of years past. Shops still charge ridiculous prices but at least they don't go up everyday.

I know some nurses are back at work, so are some teachers, and a bunch of others who, working for a living, is what they know best. They complain of course about the remuneration, that it is not enough, but if you talk to them, especially coming from the crisis of the yester years, they are all like, yeah we want more, but half a loaf...

So like everyone I feel some calming in the air, something close to hope, of course it can't really be hope, we lost that a while back, because as it is, Zimbabwe hasn't turned around, yet. I think it has kinda of slowed on its course to where it was fast headed. It's tempting to want to comment on the new GNU (Government of National Unity), but I'll resist that for later, this delicate period is more of a watch and see, and don't get me wrong, I do have opinions about it, in fact I have a blogfull of stuff I'd share, but let's not do that now.


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karmpta Suresh said...

I am from India. I happened upon your blog while searching for whats happening in Zimbabwe. After the big inflation, i didnt get to read much. Reading your blog was very insightful about how life goes on in Zimbabwe for ordinary citizens like you or me (of course i havent gone through what you have). I couldnt find your later blogs though. Please do update your blog whenever you find time. Hope things are better now in Zimbabwe. K Suresh

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